Current Style Point Ratings for MLS Clubs

Earlier today, the author introduced a new iteration of Style Points — those things (i.e. Style Points) representing an attempt to estimate roughly, on a scale of 0 to 10, the aesthetic appeal of each club currently playing in Europe’s five major leagues (about the calculation of which fabricated metric one can read here).

It has occurred to me in the meantime, however, that such an endeavor needn’t be confined merely to the top European leagues — or, phrased differently, that to produce Style Points for America’s actual domestic league would require only, like, an additional minute’s worth of copying and then pasting.

What follows, then, is a table featuring the current Style Point ratings for all 19 MLS clubs, where BOXz denotes the z-score for shots in the box per game; SHORTz, the z-score for short passes per game; and CASHz, the z-score for estimate market value:

MLS Style Points

  • As noted in that post from earlier on Tuesday, Style Point scores are rounded either down to 10 or up to 0, in such cases where they exceed those particular thresholds — although they rarely do that. One club whose raw Style Point score certainly does exceed the upper threshold is the LA Galaxy — which club, without rounding, would feature a score of approximately 15. Los Angeles produces both more shots in the box and short passes than any other club in the league.
  • Seattle and Toronto pretty clearly possess the greatest market values among MLS clubs — not surprising, that, as they also possess the four most highly valued players in the league, according to Transfer Markt. Of course, while the z-scores demarcate the relative differences between the league’s various payrolls, the raw differences in terms of actual millions of dollars are much smaller than any of Europe’s major leagues. Consider: the most highly valued of American clubs (Toronto at £16.98 million) exceeds only one of France’s (RC Lens at £14.87 million).
  • The idea of including dribbles per game perhaps has some merit to it — a sentiment supported by all these videos of Fabian Castillo, the league’s leader in dribbles per game by a considerable margin.

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