Style Point Ratings for This Weekend’s MLS Matches

Recently, in these pages, the author introduced a new iteration of only a slightly less new metric called Style Points, itself designed to estimate roughly, on a scale of 0 to 10, the aesthetic appeal of each club currently playing in Europe’s five major leagues and also the MLS. What follows is a table featuring not Style Point club scores, but rather match scores, for the weekend’s MLS schedule.

Match scores are produced merely by averaging the Style Point figures for each club — a methodology which, for what it lacks in sophistication, makes up for it by being easy to produce.

Here are the relevant numbers, sorted in descending order by match score:

MLS Matches

Some notes:

  • The New York Red Bulls are second among the MLS’s 19 clubs per shots in the box, having recorded more than a standard deviation above the league average by that measure. Both Thierry Henry and Bradley Wright-Phillips have recorded more than three total shots per match — a mark having been surpassed by only 12 total, qualified players in the entire league. Sporting Kansas City’s Dominic Dwyer is a third player to have crossed that three-shot per-game threshold.
  • The L.A. GalaxyColorado Rapids match played on Friday night would also have received an over Style score of 10 — 10 for L.A. and 9 for Colorado.
  • Detailed Style Point club scores can be found here.

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