Style Point Ratings for This Weekend’s European Matches

Recently, in these pages, the author introduced a new iteration of only a slightly less new metric called Style Points, itself designed to estimate roughly, on a scale of 0 to 10, the aesthetic appeal of each club currently playing in Europe’s five major leagues and also the MLS. What follows is a table featuring not Style Point club scores, but rather match scores, for the weekend’s European matches.

Match scores are produced merely by averaging the Style Point figures for each club — a methodology which, for what it lacks in sophistication, makes up for it by being easy to produce.

Here are the top-10 matches in Europe this weekend by this clearly flawed metric:

Weekend Matches

Some notes:

  • In addition to the three variables (short passes per match, shots in the box per match, and payroll) which have previously informed Style Point ratings, the figures here also include dribbles per match — i.e. the number of times per match a player for the relevant club has evaded an opponent by dribbling past him. Insofar as a player must generally employ some manner of creativity and celerity of thought to execute a dribble, they are a pleasure to consume as a spectator. German club Bayer Leverkusen currently average the most dribbles per match at 16.7. Winger Karim Bellarabi has produced five of them per game so far.
  • The most highly rated match of the weekend features Cagliari at Roma. The latter continues to feature an open and attacking style, while the former receives such a high rating largely for having recorded the second-most shots in the box (after Napoli) among Serie A clubs.
  • All the weekend’s Style Point match ratings are available here by means of a lightly formatted Excel spreadsheet.

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