Current Style Point Ratings for European Clubs (9/26/2014)

Recently, in these pages, the author introduced a new iteration of only a slightly less new metric called Style Points, itself designed to estimate roughly, on a scale of 0 to 10, the aesthetic appeal of each club currently playing in Europe’s five major leagues. What follows is an even newer iteration of that same thing, updated for this past week’s matches.

This most recent version of Style Points accounts for four variables, as follow:

  • Shots in the box per game; and
  • Dribbles* per game; and
  • Short passes per game; and
  • Club value**.

*Which is to say, dribbles past opposing defenders.
**As measured by Transfermarkt.

For every club, I’ve calculated their z-score (i.e. standard deviations from the mean) according to each of the variables noted above and then performed the following equation, with a view to distributing each league’s Style Point figures on a scale of 0-10:

(BOXz * 0.25 + DRIBz * 0.25 + SHORTz * 0.25 + CASHz * 0.25) * 5 + 5

Having performed all of that suspicious arithmetic, here are the top-10 clubs in Europe right now, according to Style Points:

Style Clubs

And here are some brief notes of varying merit:

  • In the most recent edition of this same kind of post, the author for some reason had multiplied all the relevant z-score variable (shots in box, dribbles, etc.) by 0.33 instead of 0.25. Ridiculous, is all one can reasonably say about that.
  • Barcelona and Empoli remain atop the Style Point leaderboard this week, the latter having recorded an entirely entertaining draw with AC Milan this past Tuesday.
  • A full updated table of Style Point club ratings is available here.

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