Style Point Ratings for Europe’s Remaining Weekend Matches (10/4/2014)

Recently, in these pages, the author introduced a new iteration of only a slightly less new metric called Style Points, itself designed to estimate roughly, on a scale of 0 to 10, the aesthetic appeal of each club currently playing in Europe’s five major leagues and also the MLS. What follows is a table featuring not Style Point club scores, but rather match scores, for the weekend’s European matches with scheduled kickoff times of 2pm ET or later on Saurday.

Match scores are produced merely by averaging the Style Point figures for each club — a methodology which, for what it lacks in sophistication, makes up for in being easy to produce.

Here are all of the remaining matches in Europe this weekend by this clearly flawed metric:

Every Match

Some notes:

  • In addition to recording the highest number of shots in the box per match thus far this season among Premier League clubs, Chelsea have also produced the most average dribbles past opponents, as well, led by Eden Hazard‘s average of 5.2 per match — a figure that, nearly twice as much as second place Erik Lamela‘s average. Chelsea face Arsenal at 9:05am ET on Sunday.
  • As with that Chelsea-Arsenal match, JuventusRoma in Serie A is likely to have distinct consequences for the final league table. The clubs have produced short-pass averages 1.9 and 2.0 standard deviations, respectively, above league mean thus far. Their match is scheduled for Noon ET on Sunday.
  • Despite possessing a roster value among La Liga’s lowest, Celta Vigo have nevertheless produced above-average numbers of shots in the box, dribbles, and short passes per match. They play Villarreal at 11am ET on Sunday.

All data courtesy Who Scored.


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